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The shop will be open Monday – Wednesday to receive equipment.

Regular hours resume on Monday, November 27.

The owners & staff would like to express their sincere appreciation for your continued support and patronage throughout the year.

We are thankful & extend to you and your families our best wishes for a …

Make Grasshopper Your Next Mower

True ZeroTurn™ Grasshopper Mowers

FrontMount™ Series

Enjoy True ZeroTurn™ performance, outfront reachability and year-round versatility with our FrontMount™ series. Handle obstacles and undulating terrain. Utilize the QuikConverter™ Implement System to connect seasonal implements in minutes, or add a PowerVac™ Collection System for enhanced productivity.

MidMount™ Series

Get True ZeroTurn™ performance and maximum straightaway speed with Grasshopper MidMount™ series mowers. Attach a PowerVac™ Collection System or Shielded Sprayer to increase productivity.

Year-round Productivity Solutions

A complete range of year-round implements can handle just about any grounds maintenance job imaginable and extend the productivity – and profitability – of your Grasshopper zero-turn mower well beyond the normal cutting season. While most implements are designed for use with Grasshopper FrontMount™ mowers, a limited selection of implements are also compatible with Grasshopper MidMount™ mowers.

What are you waiting for?  Make Grasshopper your next mower.

MultiOne Articulating Mini Loaders now Available at Agroland E&S

Say hello to our newest line, MultiOne. MultiOne is a versatile machine available in several models depending on your HP needs! With more than 170 attachments to tackle any job — excavate and move dig dirt, level, prepare soil, load, move bulky materials, mow grass, spray weeds, vacuum leaves, and much more. Perform multiple tasks with just one machine.

The multi quick connect design makes changing attachments a breeze. The telescoping boom reaches higher than a traditional loader or skid steer. You can drive on lawns, paved areas and other sensitive surfaces without damaging them thanks to the articulated frame and the DBS (Dynamic Block System).

MultiOne is available exclusively at Agroland Equipment & Supplies, the equipment experts. Open weekdays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Here’s What’s New at Agroland Equipment & Supplies… the Equipment Experts

Agroland E&S has been very busy adding new product lines and expanding existing ones. We have added new and innovative equipment to help our customers get the job done more efficiently with the right tools.

  • AS MOTOR rough terrain mowers (made in Germany)
  • ATLAS JSV by GRAVELY 3000 and 6000 models
  • CUB CADET 2017 Challenger Series 550 and 750 models in camo, red, yellow, and blue
  • CUB CADET PRO Z 100 Series commercial mowers
  • ECHO chainsaws, blowers, and trimmers
  • EGO battery-operated blowers, trimmers, chainsaws and mowers
  • GRASSHOPPER front and mid-mount mowers
  • GRAVELY 2017 ZT HD
  • HUSQVARNA battery-operated power tools
  • MULTIONE articulating mini loaders with over 170 attachments
  • SCAG Liberty Z 36” – fits through any gate
  • TORO commercial and residential mowers to include TIMECUTTER HD and TITAN HD
  • YAMAHA generators
  • YANMAR compact tractors – YT Series, 221, 324 and 424 models
  • YANMAR Bull Series UTV’s – the BULL (3-seater) and the LONGHORN (6-seater)

We carry a full line of Nitro Phos products to help you keep your lawn healthy and green, including a great organic fertilizer.  A healthy lawn is the best way to prevent weeds.  Cesar is available to answer any questions you may have about these products.

Treat your tires with MultiSeal to seal punctures and prevent flats.

Whether you are a landscaper or a homeowner now is the time to bring us your mowers, UTV, or hand-held power tools for service and repair. Servicing your equipment will ensure proper operation and increase the lifetime of your tools.

We invite you to visit our showroom and see the new equipment and models; take one of our demo UTVs for a spin; experience Yanmar diesel tractors’ exceptional quality; or learn more about the MultiOne articulating mini-loader.   Open weekdays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm amd Saturdays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to say thank you to all our customers and friends and to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! May your hearts be filled with gladness and joy!

Agroland E & S will be closed Thursday, November 24, through Sunday, November 27, 2016, so we may spend time with our loved ones.

Thank you!

Overseeding Made Easy with Barenbrug SOS 211 Ryegrass Mixture

SOS (Super Over Seeding) is much more than a bag of seed. Developed by Barenbrug, in conjunction with Texas A&M University, SOS is the most advanced overseeding program available.  SOS Turf-type annual ryegrass blends and mixtures are ideally suited for fall over-seeding of residential and commercial bermudagrass lawns.

Traditionally there have been two options when it comes to overseeding; annual ryegrass or perennial ryegrass. Both options have benefits as well as distinct problems.

Perennial ryegrass looks great but is very persistent and not apt to die out quickly. In most overseeding situations you have to either wait for the heat to kill the perennial ryegrass (causing potential damage to the warm-season grass base) or use expensive herbicides to spray it out.

Annual ryegrass traditionally lacks turf quality. It’s wide leafed and is usually much lighter in color. However, it has two advantages over perennial; it establishes quickly allowing it to out-compete weeds and transitions out quickly with little help allowing for better recovery of your warm-season turf base.

Now there is a third option. SOS takes the best of both perennial ryegrass and annual ryegrass and combines them into one easy to use package. SOS 211 /Features 50% Perennial ryegrass 50% Annual which allows you to keep your winter overseeding grass later into summer.

The secret is SOS’s revolutionary turf-type annual ryegrass. Dwarf, dark green, fine leafed and transitions seamlessly – SOS is a true advantage for any turf manager tired of fighting their overseeding.

When talking about annual ryegrass, most people think of the old variety Gulf. But through intensive breeding by Barenbrug researchers, there are now advanced options that combine the benefits of both perennial and annual in one germplasm.  These new varieties look like perennial ryegrass but still transition like an annual ryegrass which results in a smooth, more predictable transition.

With SOS you are guaranteed to get the newest and best performing turf-type annual ryegrasses on the market.  Barenbrug believes turf-type annual ryegrasses are the future of overseeding. The unique combination of cost effective seed, fast germination and smooth predictable transition make turf-type annual ryegrass the ideal Super Over Seeding solution.

It all starts in the seed production fields. Barenbrug’s turf-type annual ryegrasses are produced in clean fields and never follow forage annual ryegrasses to eliminate weed contamination. SOS is the highest quality overseeding seed you can get! 

Buy Barenbrug SOS 211 Ryegrass Mixture 50 lb. bags at


(512) 291-3364


Cub Cadet’s new Challenger Series™ makes work feel like play. Take on any task in tough off-road terrain and love every minute of it!

The Challenger Series™ features incredible performance, versatility, and one of the best standard equipment packages in the industry which includes tail lights, turn signals, rearview mirror, winch, headrest, roof, split windshield, bed liner, horn, alloy wheels and a digital dash display.

There are two units in the series, the Challenger 500 (EFI) and the Challenger 700 (EFI), featuring on-demand four-wheel drive, high-strength components and the power needed to challenge trails and tough terrain along with a 1200-pound towing capacity. These two-passenger vehicles, available in yellow and camouflage, are available at Agroland Equipment & Supplies in Spicewood, TX. A larger crew vehicle with seating for four will be coming this winter.

Call 512-291-3364 to schedule a demo and for pricing information.


2015_Challenger500_lt_shd Loaded Standard Equipment Package — Packed with standard features, the Challenger™ Series offers the versatility to take on a wide range of tasks and off-road trails with the durability to get more done season after season.

Strength to Ride Harder, Longer — Fully engineered, reinforced frame, adjustable 4-wheel suspension with oversized hardware, and high-strength steering components combine for lasting durability when traversing tough terrain.

Polished Alloy Wheels and Heavy-Duty Bearings — Dual-row wheel bearings with large profile 26″ off-road tires for improved handling, durability and style.

See it in action: http://youtu.be/VCjIfKbrfJI

Now is the Time to Service and Repair Your Equipment for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and you want to make sure all of your landscaping equipment is in top shape for the season. Get ahead of the curve by bringing your mowers, handheld equipment, and even ATVs to Agroland Equipment & Supplies for service and repair.

Our mechanics have a wealth of experience with a wide variety of brands and models, and will provide quality service and a speedy turnaround. Stop on by today!